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Since 2018, I've been fortunate to contribute to several research labs, projects, and publications. In 2019-2022, I was a guest researcher with Dr. Annesa Flentje’s Sexual and Gender Minority Health Equity Lab at UCSF and The PRIDE Study. Our most recent work (together with O. Winslow Edwards, MPH, and J Cohen, LCSW) was published in Social Work Today in 2022. Counteracting Stigmatizing Diagnoses in the DSM-5 focused on helping therapists serving LGBTQ+ clients reduce bias and stigma and engage in LGBTQ+ advocacy. I also got to present this at the Americal Psychological Association convention in Washington, DC in 2020 (aka on zoom).

As a co-author, I also contributed to two other projects/publications: Our pride, our joy: An intersectional constructivist grounded theory analysis of resources that promote resilience in SGM communities (published by PLOS ONE in 2023) and State-Level Policy Environments, Discrimination, and Victimization among Sexual and Gender Minority People (published in the International journal of environmental research and public health in 2022)

In 2019-20, I worked with Dr. Richard Sprott and the CARAS project's Kink Identity and Sexuality Study which is community driven and wants to know more about diverse kink identities and identity development, through in-depth, qualitative research. I'm a co-author of "A queer boundary: How sex and BDSM interact for people who identify as kinky" (Sexualities, 2020) and "The structure of kink identity: Four key themes within the world of complexity" (Journal of Sexualities, 2020). I'm also a lead author and presenter of "Kink and sex through the lens of queer theory: Findings from the Kink Identity and Sexuality Study" at the Positive Sexuality Convention 2020. We even got a research award for that work. 

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