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About Eliot

After devoting 30+ years to music, I’m excited to be involved in social justice advocacy, anti-oppressive mental health counseling, and participatory research. I’m passionate about using my lived experience as a transgender Jewish immigrant with (dis)abilities (among other things) and my training as a researcher, social worker, and counselor to serve minoritized communities. I'm currently pursuing a Master of Social Work at Columbia University and interning with the UCSF Women's HIV Program. Most recently, I got to be a part of the (amazing) SF LGBT Center as a Youth Host Homes Case Manager where I connected sexually and gender diverse folks ages 18-24 with host homes, resources, and the broader LGBTQ+ communities. Before that, I worked as a mental health counselor with the Progress House, and as a counselor/care manager with the San Francisco Community Health Center. I'm also involved as a volunteer with ACLU Northern CaliforniaSexual and Gender Minority Health Equity Lab at UC San Francisco, The Pride Study at UCSF-Stanford, UCSF's No One Dies Alone program, and the National LGBT Help Center. 


I’m honored to have been the first openly transgender musician in a major American orchestra and I look forward to the day when it’s nothing unusual, in any space. I’m really grateful for the amazing people I got to meet and the opportunities the world of music has afforded me, and I hope this next chapter is just as fruitful.

If you’re curious about what I’ve done as a musician, here’s a little more of the story.

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