About Eliot

After devoting 28 years to music, I’m excited to be involved in mental health and community support. I’m passionate about using my lived experience as a transgender Jewish immigrant with disabilities (among other things) and my training as a researcher and counselor to serve marginalized communities. I've recently started working as a mental health counselor with the Progress House, after a brief (and amazing!) time with the San Francisco Community Health Center. I'm also involved with the Sexual and Gender Minority Health Equity Lab at UC San Francisco, The Pride StudyAlliance Health Project and UCSF's No One Dies Alone program.


I’m honored to have been the first openly transgender musician in a major American orchestra and I look forward to the day when it’s nothing unusual, in any space. I’m really grateful for the amazing people I got to meet and the opportunities the world of music has afforded me, and I hope this next chapter is just as fruitful.

If you’re curious what I did as a musician, here’s a little more of the story.

Created by Stephanie MacAller and Eliot Lev in 2020